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In today’s sports world, you need a seasoned veteran who eats, sleeps and breathes the rules of fair play. Experts who build their reputation by protecting yours. And a company that combines its tools and talents to deliver an MVP performance across your entire organization.

Team up with Drug Free Sport, the drug-testing authority dedicated to upholding the integrity of the game. For more than two decades, we’ve remained committed to policy development, drug testing, program management and customized education. The result? We’re the recognized leader in deterring drug use in sport.

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  • Drug Free Sport Overview - The National Center for Drug Free Sport (Drug Free Sport™) is a company devoted to preventing drug abuse in athletics.  As the premier provider of drug-use prevention services for athletic organizations, Drug Free Sport provides strategic alternatives to traditional drug-use prevention programs...[More]
  • Our Beliefs - "Testing is a necessary and effective drug-use prevention tool to develop athletes who are committed to success on and off the field."...[More]
  • Our Staff - Drug Free Sport executive staff is comprised of a diverse team of professionals with a combined knowledge base embodying nearly 80 years of experience in sports drug testing...[More]
  • Our Clients - Our winning track record is why both amateur and professional
    sports organizations – including the NCAA, Major League Baseball’s
    Minor League program and the PGA TOUR
    – choose us as their go-to player...[More]
  • Client Testimonials - Don’t just take our word for it.  Find out why others choose Drug Free Sport for sport drug testing, education, and consulting...[More]
  • Career Opportunities - At Drug Free Sport, we’ve assembled a diverse team of professionals dedicated to administering the best substance abuse testing and education programs in the world. Are you ready to join in on our mission to ensure fair game?...[More]


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