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Q. How can we connect using social media?
A.  You can find us here: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Perspectives Blog

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Q: Is there a complete list of banned dietary supplements?
A: Unfortunately, there is not a complete list of banned/prohibited supplements due to the ever-changing market and types of ingredients sourced or synthesized for performance-enhancing benefit. You can find your banned/prohibited drug class list under the Drug Program Information tab in the Drug Free Sport AXIS™ web portal. The drug classes provide examples of substances that pertain to each class, but list is not exhaustive. In addition, substances that are chemically related to the drug class are also considered banned. Athletes consume dietary supplement products at their own risk, regardless of what is listed on the label(s). Drug Free Sport AXIS™ does not test products for contamination or adulteration, efficacy, or truth in labeling. We cannot guarantee whether or not a particular supplement will or will not cause a positive drug test.

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Q: What supplements do you recommend?
A:Drug Free Sport does not recommend, promote, or ban specific companies, brands, or types of dietary supplements. There are dietary supplements on the market that do not contain or list banned/ prohibited ingredients. However, even if a product does not list a banned ingredient it is recommended to keep the following in mind:

Claims made by a manufacturer are not guaranteed to be supported by reliable, scientific research.

Dietary supplements are poorly regulated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and not tested for purity, safety, or efficacy before being sold on the market. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the product’s purity or safety just because it is available for purchase.

Impure/ contaminated supplements can cause a positive drug test and/or be a financial burden to consumers. The FDA has a list of “tainted dietary supplements” found to contain ingredients not listed on the label. Other studies have found the complete absence of active ingredients listed in the product, and instead, filler ingredients such as flour.

Athletes are advised that they use dietary supplements at their own risk.

Drug Free Sport DOES NOT recommend the use of any dietary supplement.

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Q: If my doctor prescribes a medication that is banned, can I take it?
A: NCAA: The NCAA does recognize a legitimate medical need for certain banned substances and has a medical exceptions procedure. Keep in mind that a prescription is not a guarantee that a banned substance is ok to use.

Professional Sports Organizations: If you are an athlete associated with a professional sport organization please go to the Drug Program Information section to find examples of approved drugs to take. Please submit your prescription for review if it is not listed as an example.

High School Student-Athletes: Please visit the Drug Program Information section of your AXIS™ website for instructions or submit an AXIS™ inquiry.

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Q: How do I log into Drug Free Sport AXIS™ (formerly the Resource Exchange Center)?
A: Visit www.drugfreesport.com/axis and consult with your athletic trainer and/or staff to obtain information on log-in and password information. If you are having trouble accessing AXIS™ please call (816)474-8655 Ext. 129.

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Q: How do I find out information on getting my product tested for banned ingredients?
A: The labs that we work with do not conduct product testing because of the possible conflict of interest. The conflict being that the same lab conducts tests to prove a supplement product is free of banned ingredients, in addition to processing urine samples on drug testing panels for performance-enhancing substances. There are a number of independent, third-party organizations that conduct product testing for athletes. Your athletic trainers and/or compliance administrators may be able to help in sourcing these providers.

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Q: What do the different Risk Levels mean?

A: Because Drug Free Sport does not test products, we cannot guarantee that a product will not cause a positive drug test. Our experts must review the ingredients listed on the supplement/nutrition facts panel and “other ingredients” list found on the product packaging or company website. However, based on previous investigations, some products have been found to contain banned substances not listed on the label. Thus, there is never “zero risk” when choosing to take a dietary supplement. Based on this knowledge, the AXIS™ experts evaluate supplement marketing claims and listed ingredients and assign a Risk Level based on the explanations below. The lowest risk category is Level 1. As previously explained, we cannot guarantee zero risk without testing the particular product sample the athlete chooses to consume.

Level I; While we do not recommend nor guarantee that a product will not cause a positive drug test, a supplement with Risk Level I is considered the “safest” supplement to consume. As previously explained, we cannot guarantee zero risk without testing the particular product sample the athlete chooses to consume.

Level II; A supplement that is assigned a Risk Level II simply means that there are ingredients listed on the supplement facts panel that has a connection to banned substances, this may be chemically, have similar properties, or is a source of a banned supplement. Caffeine can also cause a Risk Level II response.

Level III; When a supplement is assigned a Risk Level III it means that there are ingredients listed on the supplement facts panel that are strictly banned, this could be the name listed on the Banned Substances list or another name the ingredient goes by.

risk level rating system

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Q: How do I know if a dietary supplement is permissible?
A: Drug Free Sport AXIS™ does provide official interpretations of permissible/impermissible supplements. Please refer your questions regarding permissible products/ingredients to your compliance officer.

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If your question has not been answered by our Frequently Asked Questions, please call 816.474.8655 or submit your question using our general inquiry form.



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