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Your organization’s drug-education and drug-testing program has been up and running for some time now. How does it compare with other organizations?  Are there areas that could be improved?  What has changed in sports drug testing since the inception of your program?

Drug Program Audits from Drug Free SportA Full Program Review conducted by Drug Free Sport will help to answer these questions and more.  Similar to other areas in life, a thorough checkup now could prevent problems in the future.  With changes that take place year to year, many athletic organizations find significant value in conducting preventive maintenance on their programs by bringing in Drug Free Sport to administer a Full Program Review.

Though each organization that conducts sport drug testing ultimately has its own reasons, here are five good reasons to consider a Full Program Review:

  1. To determine whether your drug-education and drug-testing program actually is a deterrent. 
  2. To ascertain whether your collection protocol is sound and if collectors are following the protocol with each and every athlete. 
  3. To assess the quality and expertise of the laboratory.
  4. To discover how your organization’s drug-education and drug-testing program compares to other similarly situated athletic programs.
  5. To determine whether your appeals process provides the appropriate amount of due process. 

If your program could use a little preventive maintenance and you would like more information about conducting a Full Program Review, please contact us at 816.474.8655 or complete our online inquiry form.



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