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A sports drug test is only as good as the collection process utilized to obtain the urine or blood specimen, and Drug Free Sport’s collection services are the best in sports drug testing.

Drug Testing Specimen Collection from Drug Free SportDrug Free Sport’s experienced specimen collectors are well-educated, diverse, dedicated professionals who understand the dynamics of different athletic environments.  Our crews, based throughout the country, go through extensive training and regular certification to ensure the integrity of each of the 80,000+ steroid and drugs of abuse samples we collect each year.

For blood testing, our certified blood collection specialists undergo specialized training and fully understand the unique challenges related to collecting a blood sample in today's athletic environment.

SCAN® Paperless Chain-of-Custody - Accuracy, Efficiency and Security
Drug Free Sport was the first company serving athletic organizations to utilize a state-of-the-art paperless computerized process to manage collection data.  Our Secure Collection Automated Network (SCAN®) provides a data capturing solution with many benefits including protocol compliance, accelerated specimen processing, reduced printing and shipping costs, increased security and elimination of redundant data entry. [Learn More About SCAN®]

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Drug Free Sport's specimen collection services free your organization’s staff from having to compromise their relationship with participants by serving as the specimen collector. Our service takes your staff out of the sensitive "policing" role of policy enforcer. Our certified sports drug-testing collectors specifically follow our clients’ policies.  Drug Free Sport can also provide on-site collection training services to facilitate in-house collections.

“The people who are on the move are Frank Uryasz and the National Center for Drug Free Sport, which runs the NCAA program, plus a number of college and high school programs. Uryasz and NCDFS are the only group out there that we have total faith in his collections."

Don Catlin, M.D., Founder of Anti-Doping Research, Founder (1982) and Director (1982-2007) of the UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory, the first U.S. anti-doping laboratory.

To inquire about our sport drug testing services for your organization, please contact us by phone at 816.474.8655 or complete our online inquiry form.



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