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Drug Free Sport Services: A Winning Formula

Comprehensive. Customized. Cost effective. Just a few reasons why our services are perfectly suited for your organization. From drug education to drug screening policy development and drug testing, we have your best interests at heart, giving your organization peace of mind.

  • Sport Drug Testing from The National Center For Drug Free SportSport Drug Testing - Fail-safe and confidential. Those words define all components of our stringent urine and blood testing procedures. From our drug testing administrative services, to specimen collection services and specimen analysis, all our drug testing services incorporate the latest technology...[More]
  • Drug Free Sport AXIS™ - Where do you go for answers to tough questions about dietary supplements and banned substances in sport?  The answer is Drug Free Sport AXIS, formerly known as the Resource Exchange Center (REC)....[More]
  • Customized Education Programs - Educational programming is an integral part of the drug-use deterrence puzzle.  An effective education component in your drug-testing program will empower athletes with the information and skills to make responsible and healthy decisions...[More]
  • Drug Policy Development - Most organizations know what their drug prevention goals are, but realize it is a different matter to express and implement those goals in a formalized, written policy that is fair, legal, understandable, all-inclusive and useful. That's where we can help...[More]
  • Drug Program Audits - How does your drug program compare with other organizations' programs?  Are there areas that could be improved?  What has changed in sports drug testing since the inception of your program?  A drug program audit conducted by Drug Free Sport will help to answer these questions and more...[More]

As an impartial third party administrator, you can count on Drug Free Sport’s experts to provide your organization with a comprehensive game plan for creating and maintaining a drug free athletic environment.



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