About Drug Free Sport International

In today’s sports world, you need a seasoned veteran who eats, sleeps and breathes the rules of fair play. Experts who build their reputation by protecting yours. And a company that combines its tools and talents to deliver an MVP performance across your entire organization. As the premier provider of drug-use prevention services for athletic organizations, Drug Free Sport International provides strategic alternatives to traditional drug-use prevention programs.

Our winning track record is why both amateur and professional sports organizations – including the NFL, the NCAA, Major League Baseball’s Minor League program, the PGA and LPGA TOURS, NASCAR, the NBA and WNBA – as well as hundreds of universities, state high school associations and conferences – choose us as their go-to player. And, it’s why our expertise can give you a home-court advantage in the pursuit of fair play.


To help ensure the integrity of sports and to make mobile healthcare accessible to all.


To be the world leader of innovative technology-enabled anti-doping, education and mobile clinical services for sport and healthcare markets.


Unlike traditional third-party drug-testing administration companies that conduct primarily workplace and insurance testing, Drug Free Sport International works exclusively with sports organizations and their athletes.

We stand on these principles:

  • Testing is a necessary and effective drug-use prevention tool to develop athletes who are committed to success on and off the field.
  • Athletics participation is a privilege, and athletes cannot be allowed to abuse drugs at their expense, the expense of their teammates or at the expense of their sport.
  • Research shows that most athletes are drug free. Therefore, we will at all times treat athletes with dignity and respect, and above all else, protect their privacy.
  • Strong relationships with certified, ethical sports drug-testing laboratories and doping control officers benefit our clients’ drug-testing programs.
  • Sports organizations differ in their philosophies on how to deter drug use.  We support an organization’s right to conduct its programs according to its principles and objectives.
  • Not every sports organization shares our values, and we will not compromise what we believe in the name of increasing the bottom line.