DFSI-IDTM Director of U.S. Network


Position Focus: The Director of U.S. Network is responsible for managing, recruiting, training, and maintaining proficiency standards for collectors hired to perform specimen collections for DFSI-IDTM’s clients. This position administers an all-encompassing blended learning program designed to completely prepare collectors to perform specimen collections for all DFSI-IDTM’s clients. Learning strategies include online courses in conjunction with in-the-field learning activities supervised by Field Trainer-Auditors. In addition, classroom training courses and live recorded webinars are developed to supplement learning opportunities. Quality control measures are maintained through performance tracking systems, client evaluations, and on-site evaluations and audits of all DCOs/BCOs. The Director of U.S. Network also offers professional outreach and networking for DFSI-IDTM through public speaking and consulting services.

Summary of Qualification: To successfully perform this role, the individual must be mature, accountable, attentive to detail, organized and self-motivated. Essential requirements are strong communication and leadership skills with a high comfort level of public speaking; experience with leading a team; a desire to serve our DCOs/BCOs; and willingness to travel domestically and internationally including on short notice. The person in this role must uphold the company vision; possess strong integrity; have a passion to collaborate, motivate and elevate the DCO/BCO network; lead and develop team members; and work closely with DFSI-IDTM’s leadership and executive teams to maintain continuity and quality of collection services. Education requirements include the minimum level of a bachelor’s degree; knowledge of and experience in cloud-based learning and performance systems; and proven experience in designing curricula and delivering training programs. Passing a pre-employment screening, including background check, drug test, transcript verification, and confidentiality agreement, is also a requirement.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide excellent service to DFSI-IDTM’s clients and maintain strong, positive working relationships and communication with colleagues, independent contractors, laboratories, consultants and other professional organizations.
  • Complete onboarding training including required mock specimen collection sessions and in-the-field observation of a collection with an experienced DCO/BCO.
  • Develop and maintain DFSI-IDTM’s DCO/BCO network including but not limited to:
    • Liaise and maintain the relationships with independent contracted collection companies.
    • Identify appropriate populations for recruitment.
    • Contribute to the global strategy of the DCO network.
    • Qualify prospective candidates by performing onboarding screening prior to training and certification.
    • Provide training and guidance on policies, process and issues to effectively manage quality control of collections for all clients including appropriate and timely follow-up and corrective action with DCOs/BCOs when necessary.
    • Assess contractor training requirements and create educational programs to meet collection development needs.
    • Create and maintain all training and educational material and operational resources.
    • Plan, produce, and administer training courses/seminars for DCOs/BCOs utilizing various learning methods.
    • Supervise training teams, promote team building and manage conflict resolution.
    • Coordinate additional on-site training, mentoring and crew preparedness training in the
    • Assess effectiveness of training including research and investigate training resources for appropriate information and recommended new content and technique.
    • Evaluate DCOs/BCOs using standardized performance tools by observing standard operating procedures and collection protocol in the field; and provide detailed performance evaluation reports to Drug Free Sport directors, supervisors and collectors.
    • Provide regular training, testing, and certification sessions to all independent contractor collectors.
    • Develop and implement new products and services for more effective collections.
    • Develop and manage budgets, reports, policy and procedure revisions, and other items affecting the collector network.
  • Provide expertise and promote DFSI-IDTM through public speaking and on-site consulting services.
  • Serve as liaison with drug-testing entities, developing and maintaining relationships through professional organizations and associated activities.


DescriptionCritical Success Factors
Planning and Organizational DevelopmentAbility to efficiently organize and prioritize multiple tasks. Effective at planning ahead yet flexible with unexpected changes. Listens well and orientates quickly.Self-confident and self-starting; focused, resourceful, and adaptable; makes timely decisions; at ease working with deadlines; delivers the objective with meticulous attention to detail; displays critical thinking abilities.
Effective CommunicationProficient in all forms of communication. Ability to connect with colleagues, clients, consultants and vendors. Create positive relationships at the organizational, contractor and vendor levels.Passionate about daily interaction with clients; listens well, interprets accurately, and responds appropriately; chooses the right way to say the right things.
Customer Service OrientationHas a propensity for serving the needs of clients.Attentive and decisive; selfless; follows up and follows through; client first focus to enhance relationship.
Integrity and ReliabilityTakes personal responsibility for job performance; strict adherence to company and client policies and procedures. Maintains high level of professionalism and confidentiality.Positively responds to direction and constructive feedback; exhibits integrity and trustworthiness; and makes informed decisions based on what is best for the company.
Motivation for AchievementStrong initiative; displays energy and enthusiasm in approaching the job. Generates ideas for improvement; initiates opportunities and recommends innovations. Goes above requirements; continually working toward exceeding expectations.

Stays on target for 90-day and annual goals, with motivation to exceed all objectives.

Contributes to company success through continuous improvement. Seeks additional responsibilities and grows within the position.


All external applicants must submit a cover letter, resume, and names of three professional references to Andrayana Estes, Director of Human Resources.  All requested materials must be submitted for consideration. This position is desired to be filled as soon as possible and application materials will be reviewed on an on-gong basis until filled.

 Drug Free Sport, LLC does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, military status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state, or local law.