Continuing Education Award

Drug Free Sport supports the work of certified athletic trainers in high school and collegiate communities that work to educate student-athletes on making positive decisions on health and wellness. They work tirelessly to prevent drug abuse, correct dietary supplement miseducation, and as safeguards on the front lines of preventing addiction. As a part of this commitment, Drug Free Sport has a Continuing Education Award competition specifically for certified high school and collegiate athletic trainers.

Since 2013, Drug Free Sport has granted more than $28,000 in continuing education funds toward certified athletic trainers in high schools, colleges, and universities across the United States. Applications for the $1,000 awards have closed for this year. Winners are announced the week of April 29, with awards made payable to the employing educational institution or non-for-profit entity and the certified athletic trainer. The judging committee for the awards is comprised of a diverse group of sport drug testing professionals and certified athletic trainers, including two former award recipients.

Congratulations to our 2017 award recipients: 

“The Drug Free Sport Continuing Education Award has helped our university become more diverse in how we can educate our student-athletes and how we can close the gap on preventing drug use in collegiate athletics. Drug testing is just one small piece of the puzzle that any company can help provide. But, the educational tools that Drug Free Sport provides our university stand above the rest and have gone a long way in how we educate and prevent drug use in our student-athletes. We are proud to partner with Drug Free Sport and are proud of the work that their entire team does to help impact our student-athletes.”

– Heath Duncan, Head Athletic Trainer, Alderson Broaddus University; Continuing Education Award winner

“I am incredibly thankful for the Drug Free Sport Continuing Education Award. This grant has afforded me the ability to pursue continuing education opportunities that would not have been possible, and in turn, has molded me into a more complete athletic trainer. I owe my personal development and advancement in my career to this grant.”

– Lauren Ey, Head Athletic Trainer at The Catholic High School of Baltimore; Continuing Education Award winner

“Drug Free Sport continues to provide opportunities for athletic trainers through education and service.  The Continuing Education Award program is another fine example of their commitment to athletic trainers, and the welfare of the student-athletes we serve.  I am extremely appreciative of being selected as one of this year’s recipients.  I applaud Drug Free Sport for their commitment to athletic trainer continuing education.”

– Joe Whitson, Associate Athletic Director, Athletic Training Services, Bradley University; Continuing Education Award winner

For more information and to apply, please visit our application site, hosted by our partners The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, or contact Gene Willis (Director of Marketing) at moc.t1524700877ropse1524700877erfgu1524700877rd@si1524700877lliwg1524700877.