Continuing Education Award

Drug Free Sport supports the work of certified athletic trainers in high school and collegiate communities that work to educate student-athletes on making positive decisions on health and wellness. They work tirelessly to prevent drug abuse, correct dietary supplement miseducation, and as safeguards on the front lines of preventing addiction. As a part of this commitment, Drug Free Sport has a Continuing Education Award competition specifically for certified high school and collegiate athletic trainers in these roles.

Since 2013, Drug Free Sport has granted more than $28,000 in continuing education funds toward certified athletic trainers in high schools, colleges, and universities across the United States. Applications for the 2019 award are open.


Congratulations to our 2018 award recipients:

  • Glory Fung, Head Athletic Trainer, Concordia University Irvine (CA)
  • Raeann Bromert, Head Athletic Trainer, University of Saint Mary (KS)
  • Jay McCloy, Assistant Athletic Director for Health and Performance, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Lauren Ey, Head Athletic Trainer, The Catholic High School of Baltimore (MD)
  • Gini Fite, Athletic Trainer, Smithville (MO) School District

“It is evident that Drug Free Sport is a company dedicated to providing necessary resources to athletic trainers. I am incredibly appreciative of being awarded their continuing education grant, and I know this award will have a profound impact on many. The continuing education award will allow me to stay abreast the current trends in athletic training, and in turn, ensure that student-athletes are given the highest level of care. I commend Drug Free Sport for their continued commitment to the athletic training profession.”

– Lauren Ey, Head Athletic Trainer, The Catholic High School of Baltimore; Continuing Education Award winner

“As an educator for student-athlete health and well-being, it is essential that we are equipped with the most current knowledge on best practices for drug deterrence, use and abuse of prescription medications, mental health, and inclusion. The Drug Free Sport Award will allow Concordia University Irvine to be at the front line in prevention and appropriate response to these key topics. Transformational education is not achieved by making sure a check list on student-athlete well-being is complete through a hand out or visual presentation, but in conjunction with healthy dialogue that promotes inquisitive questions and real-life scenarios. I am invigorated as the Head Athletic Trainer to create education sessions with student-athletes that inspire healthy choices.”

– Glory Fung, Head Athletic Trainer, Concordia Univeristy Irvine (CA); Continuing Education Award winner

“I am excited to receive one of the Drug Free Sport Continuing Education Awards.  We have been working with Drug Free Sport for a number of years and look forward to using this award for professional growth and in turn, assist our student-athletes compete at their highest level. We at UNCG appreciate all that Drug Free Sport has done to promote athlete health and wellness.”

– Jay McCloy, Assistant Athletic Director for Health and Performance, University of North Carolina at Greensboro; Continuing Education Award winner

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