Doping Control Officers (DCO)

“Class,” “professionalism,” “thorough,” and “communicative” are words that have been used by clients in describing our collection crews. They are responsible for the securing of fluid specimens (urine, blood, saliva) from athletes, in order to ensure fair play. Trust and respect is given to each athlete and client contact throughout the process, with a collaborative and regimented planning process for scheduling, selection, and sharing results. We value their important role in tactically and tactfully leading fluid-based drug testing procedures for sports organizations worldwide, within a variety of environments.

When your athletes’ well-being is at stake, you want to know that your organization’s information in secure, reliable hands. Time and time again, these men and women have shown that they are worthy of our trust, and yours.

We are open to adding new doping control officers throughout our industry that are interested in ensuring fair and safe sport. If you would like more information and feel that you would qualify, please contact us at

Featured Doping Control Officers (DCO)

  • Cyndy Mullenix

    13 Years of Experience

    Cyndy began working for Drug Free Sport as a crew member in 2005. Based in Phoenix, she was quickly promoted to crew chief and a field trainer for Infinity Medical Services. She now travels throughout service areas in Oregon, California, Nevada, and Texas for collections and to train other collection crews.

    When she’s not in the field for Drug Free Sport, you can find Cyndy serving her community where she’s been a firefighter and paramedic with the Phoenix Fire Department for 16 years. She also works as part of the teams for Hazardous Materials, Technical Rescue, and FEMA/USAR in the area.

    Her hobbies are all highly active and focused in the great outdoors where she enjoys camping, hiking, and kayaking. While on these adventures, she is surely never alone as her dogs, Zod and Harley Quinn, keep pace with her active lifestyle. She is also a self-proclaimed “half crazy aunt, half grandma”, absolutely devoted to her 9-year-old niece, Zoe.

    Cyndy reflects on her work with Drug Free Sport by saying, “I really enjoy the interactions with both the clients and athletes. It doesn't matter if I am working with a pro client or a college athlete; I like the interaction with new people and learning about them.”

    Her favorite quote is, “It is not through diversity that you create inclusion, but through inclusion that you attract diversity.”

  • Morris Ware

    30 Years of Experience

    Retired United States Air Force Airman Morris Ware first stepped on to the drug-testing scene in 1987, representing the NCAA Sports Science department as a drug-testing crew chief. Hailing from Auburn, AL, and a DCO for DCS & Associates, Morris has been fortunate to perform collections for various colleges and universities, the NCAA, National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA) and Major League Baseball (MLB) for the last 30 years. His favorite memories throughout his distinguished career have been working various "March Madness" tournaments for NCAA collections and being selected to work a Final Four Championship event.

    Happily married for almost 60 years to his wife, Sarah (who serves as a drug-testing crew member), the couple has three children, eight grandchildren and one great grandson. If Morris isn’t performing collections, you can find him on the golf course, gardening, or fishing. He also spends the summers with his great-grandson, and enjoys teaching him many things such as how to fish, drive tractors, ride four-wheelers, and about responsibility.
    Morris’s favorite travel destination is Turkey, saying that Turkish people are easy to associate with, and the hunting and fishing is excellent there, too! Loving history, Morris enjoyed the Biblical history of Turkey and exploring the many ruins the country had to offer.

    Always a humble, honest and caring individual, Morris exemplifies his favorite quote by Mark Twain, “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything!”

  • John and Ruth Ann Morningstar

    9 Years of Experience

    John and Ruth Ann Morningstar of Westminster, Maryland, incorporated AMSTAR, LLC in April of 2010. John is a former elementary principal of 31 years, having spent a total of 40 years in education. John was also a NCAA Division 1 women’s basketball official for over 30 years. Ruth Ann worked as an office manager for a local insurance and real estate business for 35 years, and is licensed in both personal and real estate insurance. Together, the Morningstar’s believe that “Drug Free Sport has an excellent business model in striving to keep sports clean and fair.” John simply states, “This is why we do what we do.”

    John began as a certified crew chief for Drug Free Sport in October 2008. He quickly understood the protocols and procedures of collection work, allowing him to grow and assume the role of Field Trainer in 2012. “Field Trainers are described as the best of the best when it comes to collection work for various clients,” states Dane Jensen, Interim Director of Collector Development for Drug Free Sport. “John has the ability to personally connect with collector-learners, and his experience in education demonstrates his ability to teach and understand what new collectors go through, making him an ideal Field Trainer.” Ruth Ann helps run the day-to-day operations of AMSTAR, LLC and has served as a female crew member since 2009.

    Ruth Ann and John (high school sweethearts), have been married more than 47 years. Their family consists of their daughter, son, their respective spouses, and three fabulous grandchildren.

    The Morningstars enjoy traveling. They have been to Europe five times, seen 47 of the 50 states, and have traveled to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. When they aren’t traveling, they enjoy spending time with family and friends at their condo located in Ocean City, Maryland.

    John’s favorite quote is by Davy Crockett – “First be sure you’re right, then go ahead.”

  • Karen Matters

    19 Years of Experience

    Karen has been supporting Drug Free Sport’s mission since 1999, when she began contracting independently for the company. In 2008, seeing opportunities for expansion, Karen started her own collection agency, Drug Testing Matters, to serve a larger drug-testing area and growing client base in the Midwest. Drug Testing Matters covers collection services in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, and parts of Missouri. Karen asserts that she not only enjoys the people at Drug Free Sport, but also finds drug-testing and the mission of Drug Free Sport “just as thrilling and inspiring to work for today” as she did when she first started.

    Prior to contracting with Drug Free Sport, Karen had the privilege of working the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA. She says, “it was the biggest and best party I ever attended. “ Detailing that “the streets of Atlanta were a sea of people,” this is an opportunity she will always cherish.

    When she is not performing collections, Karen raises and trains Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. She currently has ten champions in the American Dog Kennel. Her favorite quote is “What you do today will determine your tomorrows”.

  • Bruce Toliver

    19 Years of Experience

    A former college and NFL certified athletic trainer, Bruce began as an independent contractor for Drug Free Sport in 1999, when he performed NCAA and institutional urine collections. As Drug Free Sport continued to grow, Bruce established Infinity Medical Services in 2008. Infinity Medical quickly went from servicing the Phoenix area to expanding into San Antonio, western Texas, southern California and Las Vegas. Infinity Medical now has 23 certified crew chiefs with approximately 40 – 45 crew members and services additional areas such as Hawaii, New Mexico and Oregon. Bruce acknowledges that he started working with Drug Free Sport because he supported the company’s mission. “I truly felt I knew what [Frank Uryasz] was trying to accomplish in sport when he started Drug Free Sport.”

    Away from work, Bruce is at home with his wife Ashley (married 22 years) or attending one of his three kids’ activities (Brynn, Julia, and Griffin). Bruce is also a Division Chief with the Phoenix Fire Department and in charge of 531 pieces of apparatus and vehicles.

    His favorite quote is “Success without integrity is failure!”

  • Rodney Dyess

    14 Years of Experience

    Rodney Dyess is the CEO of DCS & Associates, located in Carriere, Mississippi. Rodney has been an independent contractor with Drug Free Sport for 13 years. In 2008, Rodney established DCS & Associates to help cover Drug Free Sport’s expansion in geographical areas and in clients. Today, DCS & Associates has 15 certified collectors and 25 crew members covering drug-testing events in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and western Tennessee.

    A nationally registered paramedic for 16 years, Rodney enjoys fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and hunting and camping with his family. Rodney and his wife, Candace, have been married for 17 years. They have three children involved in various activities that take up a lot of Rodney’s free time. Rodney’s favorite quote is “It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up,” from Vince Lombardi. Rodney enjoys contracting with Drug Free Sport because “the staff is great to work with, and they are truly dedicated to keeping sport clean.”