Drug Free Sport AXIS™

Drug Use Prevention Begins With Expert Education

Ensure your athletes are making the best possible decisions in regards to banned substances or drugs with Drug Free Sport AXIS™, our comprehensive athlete nutrition, health and wellness subscription service. AXIS is the most reliable drug and supplement education resource available and is the only trusted advisor to the NCAA, the NAIA, the PGA Tour, the LPGA and more.

Through the AXIS online portal, your athletes and athletic department staff can take a proactive approach to creating and maintaining a safe, healthy, drug-free lifestyle and environment. They can confidentially submit questions about the presence/absence of banned substances in dietary supplements and medications, including over-the-counter and prescription drugs.

Our AXIS experts research individual dietary supplement labels every 24 hours during the business week to ensure 100 percent accuracy and reliability when responding to AXIS users. We utilize a risk-level rating system to communicate information about banned ingredients, marketing claims or other known information, such as recent product recalls from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Discover sports dietitian-approved, easy-to-prepare recipes designed specifically for athletes, find out more about marijuana/cannabis risks from industry experts, and learn about managing and supporting positive body image in athletics. The AXIS online portal also provides you with access to our medication database, drug-testing program information and a growing number of evidence-based sports nutrition handouts.

To inquire about a subscription to Drug Free Sport AXIS for your organization, please email .

You can access Drug Free Sport AXIS by creating an account then entering your organization access code. For login help, call 816.474.7321.