Dietary Supplements

Alternative to prescription medications, dietary supplements are not reviewed or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure consumer safety and efficacy. Many supplements are recalled on a weekly basis because of unlisted illicit substances, or sent warning letters due to poor manufacturing practices or false advertising. Athletes are advised to consult a sports medicine professional prior to using any dietary supplement.

As a part of our commitment to athlete safety, we offer videos and webinars on the latest topics and concerns within the supplement industry. A staple to Drug Free Sport’s educational initiatives is our Dietary Supplement Inquiry service available through Drug Free Sport AXIS™. Subscribing client organization members (athletes, medical caregivers, coaches, and parents) can submit a query regarding any supplement to check its status against their organization’s standards. Each inquiry is researched individually by a credentialed wellness professional every 24 hours, with a reply in less than two business days. Our AXIS team utilizes a risk level rating system to inform athletes of potential risks identified for each product. Make informed decisions, not instant ones, with Drug Free Sport AXIS.