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Third Quarter, 2018

  • Nutrition Facts Panels Do Not Guarantee Product Safety
What's Trending Now:
  • Addressing a National Epidemic: Education and Testing for Opiates
  • CBD Products a Risk for Athletes
Drug Free Sport News:
  • Collector Spotlight: Matt Dunbar
  • Upcoming Webinars

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Second Quarter, 2018

  • SARMs Cause Increasing Number of Positive Drug Tests
What's Trending Now:
  • Interpreting Marijuana-Positive Drug Test Results
  • 2018 Summit Marks Second "Team Behind the Team" Professional Development
Drug Free Sport News:
  • Collector Spotlight: Mark Parrinello
  • New Staff: Jayme White, Mark Broome, Krysti Cole, and Kate Winkler

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First Quarter, 2018

  • Your Third-Party Supplement Certification Questions - Answered
What's Trending Now:
  • Drug Free Sport: Ensuring Fairness in Sport
  • Keys to Leading in Sport Drug Testing
Drug Free Sport News:
  • Collector Spotlight: Matt Lang
  • New Staff: Blake Henderson, J.D., and Matthew Ruder
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Fourth Quarter, 2017

  • Cannabidiol (CBD) Products Are Found to Contain THC
  • The Sport Exchange Summit - An Education Initiative Unlike Any Other
What's Trending Now:
  • Kratom is Not Banned, But Dangerous
Drug Free Sport News:
  • Farewell to a Drug Free Sport Original
  • Collector Spotlight: Cyndy Mullenix
  • New Staff: Trent Godfrey, Justin Gore, and Alisha Palermo


  • Marijuana: A Changing Landscape as Experienced at NATA 2017
  • NCAA Top Ten FAQs, Answered

What's Trending Now:

  • Your Post-Summer Guide to Dietary Supplement Safety and Education
  • AXIS™ Features to Support Athletes Returning for a New Season of Play

Drug Free Sport News:

  • Collector Spotlight: Morris Ware
  • New Staff: John Luther


  • Drug Free Sport Honors Athletic Trainers With Continuing Education Grants
  • New Ways to Educate Athletes and Staff

What's Trending Now:

  • Hidden In Plain Sight: Appearance and Performance-Enhancing Substances

Drug Free Sport News:

  • Collector Spotlight: John and Ruth Ann Morningstar
  • New Clients Ensuring Fair Sport