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Second Quarter, 2016

Headline -Drug Free Sport and IDTM Reach Formal Agreement for Innovation and Growth

What's Trending Now - PED-Positive Drug Tests: Why? - Should You Continue to Test for Marijuana?

Drug Free Sport News -Collector Spotlight

First Quarter, 2016

Headline -Kratom, A High Risk Supplement   What's Trending Now -An Update on E-cigarettes   Drug Free Sport News -Don't miss Sport Exchange Summit 2016! -Collector Spotlight

Fourth Quarter, 2015

Headline -Drugs vs. Supplements: What's the Difference?   What's Trending Now -Urine Markers on the Horizon to Assist Collections -FREE myPlaybook Licenses for NCAA Divisions I and II   Drug Free Sport News -Save-the-Date for Sport Exchange Summit 2016! -Fresh Faces at Drug Free Sport

Third Quarter, 2015

Headline -Frankly Speaking: Drug-deterrence Success Built on a Platform of Evidence & Champions   What's Trending Now -Enhanced Efficiency & Mobile-Friendly Upgrades to the REC -DFS Collector, Jody Murray, Makes a World of Difference   Drug Free Sport News -DFS Partners with the NAIA for Drug-Testing -SCAN 3® Breakfast at NATA a Success

Second Quarter, 2015

Headlines -SARMs Appearing in Dietary Supplements -Insights from the PCC Conference   What's Trending Now -Using the NCAA Prescription & Over-the-Counter Medication Database -Oral Fluid Drug Testing Services Now Available   Drug Free Sport News -Drug Free Sport Sponsors Local RBI Baseball Team -Congratulations 2015 CEU Award Winners!

First Quarter, 2015

CSMAS & Marijuana Changes to NCAA drug testing & banned drugs   What's Trending Now Are your athletes "vapers"?   Drug Free Sport News "Beating" a drug test Upcoming Webinar New Staff at Drug Free Sport