We offer evidence-based and informative continuing education opportunities for sports professionals including certified athletic trainers, sport dietitians, and strength and conditioning specialists.

Our live and on-demand webinars are offered throughout the year and cover the hottest topics in athlete performance, sports supplements, substances of abuse, and other conversations relating to sports drug education and testing. Each session features an industry expert relevant to the topic, along with our team.

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Free ARCHIVE: Overview of RE-ACT (‘recognize’ and ‘take action’) – a Clean Sport Bystander Intervention Program

The ‘reACT’ ('recognise and take action') project is funded by the International Olympic Committee, with the support of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and UK Anti-Doping. The project offers a complementary approach to current doping education practice by developing a bystander intervention to address substance use behaviors. [...]


Free ARCHIVE: New Trends & Consequences of Marijuana Use Today

Stemming from their eye-opening presentation at the 2016 Sport Exchange Summit, LaTisha and Ben provide updates on the advancements in marijuana use - along with new risks. [...]


Free ARCHIVE: NCAA Dietary Supplements: Approved, Permissible, or Banned?

Education for Drug Free Sport. This discussion covers how dietary supplements relate to NCAA student-athlete participation guidelines and is led by one of collegiate athletics’ subject matter experts. [...]


Free ARCHIVE: Best Practices for Identifying & Treating Athletes with Disordered Eating & Eating Disorders: A Multidisciplinary Team Approach

This expert panel discusses the real issues surrounding disordered eating and eating disorders - and the differences between the two.  [...]


Free ARCHIVE: Mental Health in Collegiate Athletics: Identification and Treatment Recommendations

These sports psychologists for professional and collegiate athletes discuss their experiences and how to treat and help student-athletes who are struggling with mental health, both on and off the field. [...]


Free ARCHIVE: What’s in a Supplement?

Speakers: Brian Jordan, CSCS, RSCC*D, Technical Manager for NSF International Certified for Sport Program, and John Travis, Senior Research Scientist for NSF International Dietary Supplement Programs. Two industry experts review some of the intricacies and science behind dietary supplement creation, safeguards, and ingestion.    [...]