With a world of information at their fingertips, it takes creativity to educate young people, especially on complicated subjects. We’re here to help.

We’ve created a series of infographic posters that simply explain information and risks involved with substances of abuse.

Order a poster on a topic that’s relevant to your athletic community, or obtain the three-poster series to emphasize the importance of making responsible and health-focused decisions. They are priced to be affordable for all levels of competition.

It’s proven that messages are remembered when repeated. Use creative infographics to get your wellness points across today!


Infographic Posters (Watermarked versions; will be removed upon order. Click to enlarge.):


Marijuana                               Prescription Stimulants     Supplement Safety Map


To order a poster/poster series for your organization, please fill out this order form.

If you have questions regarding our posters, please contact Anna Filardo: moc.t1544832811ropse1544832811erfgu1544832811rd@od1544832811ralif1544832811a1544832811 or 816.285.1429.