Drug Free Sport & International Doping Tests & Management (IDTM) Merge

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Drug Free Sport & International Doping Tests & Management (IDTM) Merge
KANSAS CITY, MO (September 25, 2018) Drug Free Sport (Kansas City, USA) and International Doping Tests & Management (IDTM – Stockholm, Sweden), the world’s leading providers of anti-doping testing administration and education services for professional and amateur sport, announce the merger of the two companies. Together, they create a technological industry leader in anti-doping with an unprecedented global service footprint. The merger will ensure clients of Drug Free Sport and IDTM have access to top quality WADA Code-compliant collections and independent, customized program administration anywhere athletes train and compete.

Drug Free Sport is a global leader in the development and administration of technology-focused, customized anti-doping testing and education programming for professional, emerging and amateur sport organizations. Drug Free Sport has been helping athletes maximize their innate potential in sport since 1999.

IDTM is a leading global provider of anti-doping services and a quality assurer for both Olympic and non- Olympic sports. With a global network of Doping Control Officers and Blood Collection Officers, IDTM has been providing anti-doping services for International Federations, National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs), and independent sporting organizations and events since 1992.

“Combining the industry’s two top brands with complementary anti-doping positions, collective expertise, experience, technology and resources will allow us to accomplish ANY MISSION, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE in the world,” said Chris Guinty, CEO and President of Drug Free Sport. “This merger is a game changer for the anti-doping industry and will ensure efficiencies for sport organizations, international and national governing bodies, NADOs and event organizers to maximize their goal of ensuring fair and safe sport on a global scale. Our combined client base will continue to experience unwavering commitment to quality.”

Drug Free Sport and IDTM combine to provide client access to over 500 professionally trained Doping Control Officers and Blood Collection Officers strategically placed in over 50 countries. Both Drug Free Sport and IDTM will continue to operate independently while capitalizing on operational synergies to maximize client service and efficiency. There will be no change to any client service contact representatives for either entity.

“We are now creating a worldwide leader with capacity to serve clients regardless of geography, sport or size. This is an exciting step for us all as it helps our clients attain a better and unprecedented testing reach,” said Erik Johannesson, Managing Director of IDTM. “Furthermore, we will be able to share accumulated experiences, knowledge and know-how seamlessly which will benefit our clients. We are extremely excited about this prospect and we are dedicated to build on our mission to ensure fair and clean competition.”


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