Drug Policy Development

From Prevention Goals to Official Policy in three–four Weeks

Developing a clear, legal and fair sports drug policy can be a complicated process.

Most organizations can verbalize their drug prevention goals, but find it’s more challenging to express and implement those goals in a useful, all-inclusive written policy.

That’s where Drug Free Sport International steps in. We leverage our vast experience in the sport drug use prevention and testing administration fields to develop comprehensive, customized and cost-effective policies that protect your organization and athletes’ best interests.

Our in-house team of tenured professionals not only write and rewrite policies and procedures, but we also offer a free review of your existing policies and procedures. In fact, our review of your policies and procedures is a prerequisite for administering institutional drug testing.

Because the sport drug testing industry is our full-time focus and work, we can generally review, revise and develop your policy in about three to four weeks. For many of our clients, this is a much shorter time frame than if they were to try to do this on their own.

Our drug policy development services include:

  • Assisting your administrators, legal counsel and other staff to understand and address key policy concepts and their outcomes.
  • Policy/program rewriting as requested. (We urge our clients’ legal counsel to review all recommendations from Drug Free Sport International for revision of any policy.)
  • Annual reviews.

While Drug Free Sport International is based in Kansas City, MO., we provide our drug policy development services to organizations around the world. No on-site visits are needed: Every step is completed over the phone and email to streamline the process and set you up for success. From high schools and district interscholastic organizations to burgeoning international competitions and category leaders in sports, we are prepared to partner with you for the betterment of your athletes and organization.

To inquire about our full program review services for your organization, please contact us at 816.474.8655 or complete our online inquiry form.

Program Reviews

Ensure Your Drug Program Is Performing

Your organization’s drug education and drug testing program has been up and running for a while. Now, it’s time to re-evaluate: What has changed in sports drug testing since the program’s inception? How does it compare to other organizations’ programs? Are there areas that could be improved? New technology — and performance-enhancing products, along with substances of abuse — are introduced to society every year. Are you in the know about these?

A full program review administered by Drug Free Sport will help you to answer these questions and more.

Similar to other areas in life, regular and thorough program checkups and maintenance can prevent serious problems in the future. Though each organization that conducts sport drug testing ultimately has its own reasons for doing so, here are five valuable reasons to request a full program review from Drug Free Sport:

  1. To determine whether your drug education and drug testing program is actually deterring drug use.
  2. To ascertain whether your collection protocol is sound and if doping control officers are following the protocol with each and every athlete.
  3. To assess the quality, expertise and efficiency of the laboratory.
  4. To discover how your organization’s drug education and drug testing program compares to other similarly situated athletic programs.
  5. To determine whether your appeals process provides the appropriate amount of due process.

To inquire about our drug policy development services for your organization, please contact us at 816.474.8655 or complete our online inquiry form.