Speakers Bureau

Sometimes, a strong message needs an independent messenger to reach home with today’s athletic community. As a part of our customized educational opportunities, Drug Free Sport International offers a cadre of credentialed speakers, experienced in topics relevant to today’s sports environments. Each of our speakers, from certified athletic trainers and former NCAA athletes to a dietitian and coaches, continuously hone their skills in information that your team and “team behind the team” should know about.

Our speakers are available for on-site or online education sessions that provide versatility and budget-friendly options to any sport program. Online education options include live teleconference presentations and discussions that are best suited for smaller audiences such as athletic staff and coaches or a single sport team. Also available are recorded educational videos that are customized directly to the content needs of the client organization. The videos can be implemented as an on-demand option when scheduling and travel demands on teams are a challenge. Recorded education videos from Drug Free Sport International are an excellent medium for team-based learning and discussion in a peer-to-peer setting.

Recorded Education Videos Samples:
Topic: Marijuana
Topic: Sport Nutrition and Dietary Supplements

“If you’re looking for a dynamic and reputable third-party to engage your student-athletes in drug, alcohol, and supplement education, Drug Free Sport should be your first call. Their speakers blend factual information with action-oriented alternatives to enhance student learning and retention.”

Kristine Kuhr Fowler
Associate Athletic Director
Indiana University

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Featured Speaker

  • Ryan Willis - 2016

    Ryan Willis

    Speakers Bureau specialties:

    Supplement Safety, Marijuana Trends, Performance-Enhancing Drugs, Prohibited Substances in Sport

    A former Division I collegiate track and field athlete, Ryan is the Director of the National Football League’s (NFL) Performance-Enhancing Drugs (PED) Drug Testing. His career has risen within Drug Free Sport, with his work focused on testing management, scheduling, and logistics. Ryan also uses his experience in collegiate and professional sport as a part of the Drug Free Sport Speakers Bureau, a panel of public speakers that are in demand for high school, collegiate, amateur and professional education sessions on sport drug testing and wellness. Ryan joined Drug Free Sport in 2008 and possesses a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado.

  • Lara Gray - 2016

    Lara Gray MS, RD, CSSD

    Speakers Bureau specialties:

    Supplement Safety, Marijuana Trends, Prescription Drugs, Sports Nutrition, Appearance and Performance-Enhancing Substances, Prohibited Substances in Sport.

    Lara is a board-certified sports dietitian and Director of Education, specializing in educational programming for athletes on supplement safety, sports nutrition, athlete-focused recipes, and drug and alcohol deterrence. A former collegiate sports dietitian at Colorado State University, Lara’s interactions with student-athletes and collaborative work with athletic training and coaching staff introduced many of the challenges associated with promoting whole foods over dietary supplements. Drug Free Sport’s involvement in sport drug-testing keeps her on the forefront of ongoing concerns related to dietary supplement use and the lack of awareness for food-first solutions in sport, as well as issues related to performance-enhancing drugs and substances of abuse. Lara manages communications with athletes, parents, and coaches where perceptions of “acceptable” supplement use and needed education on supplement safety and sports nutrition solutions overlap. As the leader of Drug Free Sport AXIS, Lara is a highly requested speaker and implements a “team behind the team” strategy of holistic cooperation among athletic administrators to place athletes in the best positions for success.

  • Erika Kuhr - 2016

    Erika Kuhr, MEd, ATC, CSCS

    Speakers Bureau specialties:

    Supplement Safety, Marijuana Trends, Prescription Drugs, Drug Programs and Policies, Prohibited Substances in Sport.

    Erika is the Director of Sport Drug Testing, responsible for the management of more than 300 college, university and amateur organizations’ sport drug testing programs. A Nebraska native – and possessing an undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln – Erika’s professional career and philanthropic outreach has focused on athletic care and wellness. This work has prepared her well to lead both client relationships and to understand student-athlete needs in this position. Prior to Drug Free Sport, Erika has worked as a certified athletic trainer at the University of Iowa, a private college preparatory school, and the University of Texas (where she earned her master’s degree in kinesiology). In addition, Erika is often a subject matter expert speaker on sport drug testing, substance abuse, and wellness for student-athletes and athletic administration.

  • Anna Filardo - 2016

    Anna Filardo, MS, CPT

    Speakers Bureau specialties:

    Supplement Safety, Prohibited Substances in Sport

    Anna is the Education Program Manager at the National Center for Drug Free Sport, overseeing Drug Free Sport AXIS™ by reviewing dietary supplements and prescription drugs submissions from athletes and athletic administration throughout the United States. A Certified Personal Trainer, she possesses a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science and Wellness. She has experience working with high-caliber athletes at the University of Missouri – Columbia as a student athletic trainer, along with having been a state-level golfing competitor in Missouri high school athletics. Passionate about health, wellness and the development of student-athletes, Anna’s experience allows her to relate to real anecdotes of student-athletes’ daily challenges. She believes that her work contributes to athletes and athletic administration realizing health, safety, and quality of life practicalities for all involved.