Speakers Bureau

Sometimes, a strong message needs an independent messenger to reach home with today’s athletic community. As a part of our customized educational opportunities, Drug Free Sport International offers a cadre of credentialed speakers, experienced in topics relevant to today’s sports environments. Each of our speakers, from certified athletic trainers and former NCAA athletes to a dietitian and coaches, continuously hone their skills in information that your team and “team behind the team” should know about.

Our speakers are available for on-site or online education sessions that provide versatility and budget-friendly options to any sport program. Online education options include live teleconference presentations and discussions that are best suited for smaller audiences such as athletic staff and coaches or a single sport team. Also available are recorded educational videos that are customized directly to the content needs of the client organization. The videos can be implemented as an on-demand option when scheduling and travel demands on teams are a challenge. Recorded education videos from Drug Free Sport International are an excellent medium for team-based learning and discussion in a peer-to-peer setting.


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Featured Speaker

  • Anna Filardo - 2016

    Anna Filardo, MS, CPT

    Speakers Bureau specialties:

    Supplement Safety, Prohibited Substances in Sport

    Anna is the Senior Education Program Manager at Drug Free Sport, overseeing Drug Free Sport AXIS™ by reviewing dietary supplements and prescription drugs submissions from athletes and athletic administration throughout the United States. A Certified Personal Trainer, she possesses a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science and Wellness. She has experience working with high-caliber athletes at the University of Missouri – Columbia as a student athletic trainer, along with having been a state-level golfing competitor in Missouri high school athletics. Passionate about health, wellness and the development of student-athletes, Anna’s experience allows her to relate to real anecdotes of student-athletes’ daily challenges. She believes that her work contributes to athletes and athletic administration realizing health, safety, and quality of life practicalities for all involved.