Sport Drug Testing

The Industry’s Most Thorough Drug Testing Services in One Place

Drug Free Sport International has positioned itself as the worldwide leader in sport drug testing within professional, collegiate and amateur athletics. Unlike traditional drug testing companies that conduct workplace or insurance testing, Drug Free Sport International works exclusively with sports organizations and their athletes to ensure fair and safe sport.

We are judicious in choosing our doping control officer-partners, who must share our values on drug-use deterrence and employ stringent drug testing procedures. Since 1999, we have established the most extensive network of highly trained and doping control officers in the industry.

From administrative services to specimen collection and analysis, our comprehensive sport drug testing offerings provide your organization with a single, independent source of experts to address a variety of needs. This includes in-depth analyses required by top athletic organizations [like blood testing for human growth hormone (hGH) and other banned substances and oral fluid testing for recent drug use]. All of our sport drug testing services are completely confidential.

With Drug Free Sport International as your sport drug testing partner, you can rest assured your athletes are in competent, professional hands and take a more proactive approach to health care management and athlete wellness.

To inquire about our sport drug testing services for your organization, please contact us by phone at 816.474.8655 or complete our online inquiry form.