Free ARCHIVE: Overview of RE-ACT (‘recognize’ and ‘take action’) – a Clean Sport Bystander Intervention Program

Speaker: Dr. Kelsey Erickson – Leeds Beckett University (Leeds, England).


The ‘reACT’ (‘recognise and take action’) project is funded by the International Olympic Committee, with the support of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and UK Anti-Doping.

The project offers a complementary approach to current doping education practice by developing a bystander intervention to address substance use behaviors. Specifically, it will explore if confrontation can be employed as an effective self-regulation approach to address substance use behaviors within a student-athlete population. To do so, it will apply the established situational model of bystander intervention (Latane & Darley, 1970) which offers five decision making steps towards intervention:

  1. Notice the event.
  2. Interpret the event as a problem.
  3. Assume personal responsibility.
  4. Know how to help.
  5. Implement the help.

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Overview of RE-ACT ('recognize' and 'take action') - a Clean Sport Bystander Intervention Program