Free ARCHIVE: Medical Exception & Exemption: What to do

Medications are prescribed to treat and alleviate conditions and symptoms, but may be banned in sport. The NCAA and NAIA understand there are certain scenarios where a student-athlete is required to take a banned medication. This webinar will dive into the key steps and procedures that need to be taken when a student-athlete needs a medical exception/exemption. Mark Bockelman, Vice President of Collegiate and Amateur Sport, and Erika Kuhr, Senior Director of Sport Drug Testing, will share the important steps to take when submitting and appealing a medical exception/exemption. Participants will also partake in a collaborative Q&A, where our speakers will address questions related to medical exception/exemption policies and procedures.

At the end of this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify key steps of the medical exception/exemption process.
  • Apply the information outlined to their student-athletes’ medical exception/exemption needs.
  • Discuss the required documentation needed for student-athletes to submit or appeal for a medical exception/exemption.

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Medical Exception & Exemption: What to do