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Much more than a laboratory, The National Center For Drug Free Sport, Inc. has the educational tools and resources that athletes, coaches, and administrators need for today’s competitive sports environment.  Use the links below to learn more about our useful resources.

  • Performance Enhancing Drug Resources - The use of enhancement “substances” for sporting events dates back to the ancient Greeks and ancient Maya.  Performance potions where utilized by the Greeks to increase their abilities, and Cocoa leaves where thought to be used by the ancient Maya to increase their abilities...[More]
  • Dietary Supplement Resources - Have you ever had questions about dietary supplement products that you or someone else was taking?  Do you know what a dietary supplement is?  Are you looking for an edge to get better?  Are you looking for that “Magic bullet”?...[More]
  • Drugs of Abuse - Recreational drugs, street drugs, prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs can all be used and abused by athletes and/or individuals in society. So why are these drugs such a strong source of abuse among athletes?...[More]
  • Banned/Prohibited Drug Database - Drug Free Sport offers a comprehensive, searchable banned/prohibited drug database for client orgarnizations and their athletes. Wondering if a particular substance is prohibited by your sports organization, find out today...[More]
  • Ask An Expert - You have questions. Our experts have answers. With more than 60 years of combined experience and research, our sports medicine/pharmacology consultants will provide you with the answers you seek...[More]
  • FAQs - Besides answering many of today's most popular questions about drug use in sports, Drug Free Sport's frequently asked questions page also acts as a glossary for many sports and drug-related terms...[More]



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