The Team Behind the Team in Action: What Works, What Doesn’t

Day One: June 11, 2018

9:30 – 10:30 am


Speakers: University of Texas Athletics


Christine Plonsky
Women’s Athletics Director
Executive Sr. Associate Athletics Director, Men’s/Women’s External Services

Allen Hardin, ATC, MS, PT, SCS, CSCS
Executive Sr. Associate Athletics Director, Performance, Health & Wellness

Amy Culp, RD, CSSD, LD
Assistant Athletics Director, Performance Nutrition

Donnie Maib, MSCC, SCCC
Assistant Athletics Director, Athletic Performance

Session Description:

At the core of the Sport Exchange Summit is the objective to draw in all members of the “team behind the team” to create better outcomes for athlete health, performance, and safety. This session will specifically feature the team behind the team at the University of Texas in Austin. Through presentation and discussion, five members of their multidisciplinary team will share challenges experienced in fine tuning their collaborative approach, as well as tips for success and ideas for attendees to bring back to their own organizations for positive engagement and progress.

By the end of the presentation, attendees will be able to:

  • Describe outcomes associated with fostering and implementing a multidisciplinary and collaborative team approach within the athletic organization, and how those outcomes positively shape athlete performance and wellness.
  • Recognize common roadblocks or challenges related to orchestrating a collaborative approach to athlete care between multiple professional disciplines.
  • Outline steps necessary to improve collaboration, communication, and respect between the different disciplines affecting athlete health and performance.


Organizational Bio:

Texas Athletics utilizes a student‐athlete‐centric approach to administering performance, health and wellness programming. Our team of experts utilizes best practices to implement a multidisciplinary model of service that helps student‐athletes realize improved sports performance, decreased incidence of injury/illness, and optimal long‐term health and wellness. Our approach facilitates collaboration with experts in sports medicine, athletic performance, applied sports science, performance nutrition, and behavioral health to provide best‐in-class resources and services that not only ensure the health and safety of our student‐athletes, but also foster their physical and emotional well‐being. Texas Athletics defines what it means to be the world’s best intercollegiate athletics program, instilling the passion, knowledge, and character for all student‐athletes to compete to win, to succeed academically, to achieve their dreams in life, and to contribute to society. We strive to be a benchmark for other programs as we prepare student‐athletes for championship level performance – on and off the field.