Initiating Sports Nutrition Programs on a Small Budget

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Original Record Date: September 12, 2018

Guest Speakers: Alisha Parker (Director of Sports Nutrition; Fresno State), Marisa Faibish (Director of Performance Nutrition; Appalachian State University), Natasha Hansen (Director of Healthy Choices and Wellness Educator/Sports Dietitian; University of Southern Mississippi), & Tiffany Harrison (Middle Tennessee State University)

Many programs are redesigning how and when their athletes get fueled for exercise and recovery in efforts to optimize performance. Yet, finding the budget to support performance nutrition can be challenging. This webinar taps into the experiences and successes of four sport dietitians navigating tight budget and time restraints to deliver sports nutrition programming. Attendees will gain positive insights and actionable directives to initiate and improve performance nutrition programs at their facility.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe ways to introduce nutrition programs and education for athletes when financial and/or human resources are scarce.
  2. Identify strategic internal and external relationships to build programs and ways to initiate involvement.
  3. Design sports nutrition programming that fits the needs of athletes using available resources.

This course is not eligible for CEUs.